The human brain is like a fertile garden that has excellent growing conditions. Something WILL grow. It can be a luscious beautiful garden or it can be overgrown with noxious weeds!

I made a blog about personal development. However it’s not the inspiring, positive, and entertaining type that most people are used to. My goal is to show that personal development is essential for wellbeing. It’s not something to be done only if it’s convenient and if your busy schedule allows it. Many people can’t be bothered with personal development and are skeptical that it’s worth the effort. However, if you don’t tend to the garden, the weeds can become uncontrollable and can make your life a living hell! (which make the weeds, thorns, and nettles to grow more vigorously!)

WARNING. This blog is hard hitting. It’s confronting and uncomfortable. If I were to compare this blog to a laundry detergent, it would be extra concentrate industrial strength! Many dislike the ‘in your face’ style and how it portrays the laws of attraction like a loaded gun. If you can’t be bothered to learn how to get the laws of attraction to work for you, chances are that they’re working against you! What are you growing in your head? Is it a lush garden or is it full of weeds and thistles?


Below is a synopsis of each page.

greatest american heroLife can be hard. It’s even harder if you don’t know the rules. This page points out one of the most basic rules and one of the most confusing.  The Game



entertainmentI’m all for learning. I think it’s great to hear a vast amount of different ideas.  All information colors our view of things. This page explains it in more depth.  False Information




rhino-thumbnailHave you ever felt like a puppet on a string? This page explains why we can become out-of-control. It also explains why some are more susceptible to this than others.  Puppet



jekyll and hydeWe become more skilled at anything we practice. The more we practice, the better our skill becomes. While this is obvious, it’s not so obvious that we can be practising our characture to become highly skilled at not so desireable traits. Practice




tiredHave you ever felt overwhelmed or have been bombarded with the feeling of I can’t?  We all have. Anyone that says that they haven’t is a liar. Welcome to the club! We’ve all felt that way. I STILL do sometimes! However, how long that you stay in this frame of mind varies from person to person. I can’t



1800g029Most can agree that seeing things from another’s point of view is a good thing to do. However just because we’d like to be able to do that, doesn’t mean that we can. This is the same as a marathon runner. We can’t run a marathon simply because we want to. We have to build up to that level of fitness.  Empathy takes practice.  Perspective



1800g021Blame can be similar to gum that’s stuck on the bottom of your shoe. We’ve all heard advice on why we should shed the blame attitude. However this is much easier said than done.  Blame



1500g003This page will discuss what we are thinking about colours everything that we see. It affects our interpretation of the world. This is a parodox. How we interpet the world also effects what we are able to see. Eyes



Drain 500The higher the stress, the greater the hurry we have to try to understand things. When the pressure is on, we want to understand the situation ASAP! However the easiest and fastest conclusion to reach is not always the most accurate.  It can lead to poor decision making. This in turn can increase stress which leads to even poorer decision making!   Stress



roadkilllThis page runs parallel to the ‘Stress’ page. It shows that the stressful situations that we encounter, can put us in the frame of mind that affects our decision making. It sometimes hinders our ability to decide the best course of action.  Tough Decision


EnergyDepThis is one of the reasons why people can be so tired all the time. It’s a comeback to the common reply of, “I’d like to turn my life around but I don’t have the energy”.  Fight-Flight


step on nails1This is an insight to one of the reasons why people get ignored. It’s not always because they’re not assertive enough. Sometimes it’s because they complain too often. Windbag
the horror2This is about bureaucracy.  However, it’s an example of how the processes that happen automatically without thought can get out of control. The cerebellum in our head can also do this as well. It’s one of the reasons why people often self-sabotage their life. This comparison will give you a new motivation. After all, everybody has felt the exasperation of a bureaucrat that follows procedures without thought. Automatic Reaction



girl_freezeThis is another bureaucracy page. It shows just how distorted the original goal can become. It’s quite common that there can be a complete backflip. People within can see and speak out, “Hey! We were originally trying to do some else. Now we are doing the complete opposite of what we set out to do”! However because of the abundance red tape, they’re powerless to change course back to the correct heading. This can be similar to the cerellebellum. It often runs out of control and turns our life into a shambles! Robotic Thinking

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